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Smart Talent Management Solutions For Companies Eyeing Growth

Staffing is all about the right connection

We match the right company with the right talent at the right time

We at SupportHub360 work to create a better workplace for all by taking off IT staffing challenges that companies face by helping you recruit, manage, develop and retain great talent.

Our HR services are streamlined to cover every step in the recruitment process from advertisement, to finding the right talent, to candidate qualifications, to managing team dynamics promising a stress-free talent hiring process.

Our solutions are customisable according to your organisational goal and economics that fit your financial scale.

We keep it simple and transparent.

Choose from a myriad of hiring solutions or customize one for your organization


If you are looking for a match for your talent, then we know exactly which company fits in.

No time is a bad time for seeking opportunities. We know a sea of openings that are waiting for the right talent.

If you believe in yourself and are looking for a flexible and growth-oriented job, then we would love to hear from you.

Our Talent Solutions

Our staffing services are based on our own and expanded database of candidates, wide knowledge of the IT sector, different IT specialisations, and positions. 

We support our clients in Australia and Canada by acquiring the best talent from the market, who have suitable experience and skill competences. In today’s, fast-changing world, which is based on technology, we serve you by providing talent who can meet the challenges and requirements for an organisation.

Our success resonates with our happy clients.


Recruitment Services


Direct Hire

SupportHub360 brings the most talented IT resources for your company within the shortest possible wait time. We work with you to help address your most critical hiring priorities.

Ensuring with 5x speed and 10x lesser stress for you while filling most critical positions at your company. Let us know your requirement and get ready to set interviews with the most appropriate candidates within a short time. We do all the searching, skimming, and filtering work so that you need not waste time. More than the interviews, you get to test your resources in an actual work environment, and if you feel unsatisfied (which is highly unlikely), you may terminate their contract. There’s no better way to test candidates than on-job testing.


Variable contracts

You can hire IT professionals on either long-term contract or on short-term contracts depending upon your project requirements.

Our flexible contracts allow you to full-fill your job-based or position-based requirement, such as accommodating a resource in the absence of a permanent employee.




We help you employ staff exclusively on projects, this way, you do not stress yourself with accommodating staff after project completion.

Project-based contracts can be extended with project extension.


Offshore/Remote Workforce

One of the most sought-after staffing solutions by small businesses is Offshore Staff Augmentation.

Offshoring is like having a branch office in another country. Your staff work in technologically advanced and completely secured office premises in India. You get complete access to monitor your staff’s work routine and progress. Your staff, though offshore, work in sync with local time eliminating any work lags. Offshore staffing services provide huge cost benefits while offering the same advantages as onshore staffing.

Unique Benefits


On job testing


Easy to hire resources


Compliance with local HR laws


You are the priority

To quickly scale your team

Confident businesswomen handshaking and greeting

What Makes Our HR Services Comprehensive



Right from the first meeting we strive to identify your organisational needs and prepare the strategy of actions accordingly. We then create a job description after getting a complete picture of your goals and requirements. This is advertised if the right candidates are not there in our pool. With job description, we also create an honest and perfect picture of the company which will provide the right first impression to the prospects.



We maintain dynamic communication with you at every stage of the ongoing process, including reporting minimum once a week about executed work. This helps you stay updated with the hiring activities, just like it is handled by your HR department.


Entry level Interviews

We scour through resumes understanding and reading between lines to find only the potential candidates. The candidates then get an invitation to take part in our recruitment process by appearing for an entry-level interview. This entry-level interview ensures that only the best and the most suitable get to meet our client, thus reducing the loss of time on the part of our clients.


Client interview

Selected candidates are given an appointment for a client level technical interview. After every meeting, we collect and pass on feedback from both the sides, monitoring at all the times the level of common interest.


Background check

To make sure each candidate that joins your company is a cultural fit for the company, we check with references.



We at SupportHub360 believe in providing a basic onboarding, whereby we explain about the company, its working environment and overall culture. This helps the actual onboarding procedure easier for you and the candidates.

With honesty and transparency at the core of our operations, we help you through the most critical hiring priorities and moving your workforce forward.